We are glad you have visited our site.  Our company, located in Maple Valley, WA provides tax, accounting and consulting services to clients all over the Puget Sound region.   Clients industries we service include retail,manufacturing, real estate, professional services, and other services. Additionally, we provide professional tax services individuals as well. Our goal is to make you as a client satisfied in knowing that we can handle all of the accounting required for their individual company up through the end of the year and prepare your tax returns for you. We also understand that knowing the industry your company operates is vital in helping our customers. We are committed to getting to know each and every business and the  client's industry.  Furthermore, we take a personal approach to our clients, focusing on giving them the  personal attention they need to get the work done. In addition, we advise clients on financial matters unique to each client, truly building integrity and trust in the clients we service.  Look at our client testimonial history and you will see that our work gets noticed in the right way.

Also, whether you are a sole proprietorship, LLC or S-Corporation, we can assist you in preparing your tax returns for the year including any required schedules. Designated as an Enrolled Agent, Jeanine, owner of Pfeiffers Accounting & Consulting, is licensed to practice before the IRS with unlimited representation rights.

In addition, Jeanine Pfeiffer, CEO of Pfeiffers Accounting & Consulting LLC, wrote the book "Accounting is Not a Foreign Language: Translating the Basics of Accounting". If you are an administrative, human resources or technology professional in the public accounting field, or an entrepreneur, small business owner, college student or anyone in general who would like to grasp the concepts of accounting better, this book is for you. This book not only helps readers grasp accounting better, it also makes the complex understandable with a new approach that is laid out in the book. Filled with helpful resources such as sample journal entries, receipts, and invoices, as well as detailed chapter summaries, my book reveals a simple step by step process to building  a better business. Published by Brown Books




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