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There is more to purchasing an accounting software package than just looking around.  Make sure you review the sales material available from the software companies.  Look at their websites to get more specific information as to how the software works.  Some companies let you try out their demo before you decide to buy it.

If your company is a small business, try looking at the inexpensive types of software  that integrate with your company's needs.  You can also talk to other businesssmen and women who are using the same systems.  Find a friend or a colleague of yours who could rate the product for you , or trade associations and software vendors might be able to give you names of people to contact about the quality and effectiveness of their software. If you have to convert to another system, make sure you ask about technical support. When learning a new system, it is imperative to get help since there will always be something that goes wrong.

You can also ask your accountant what type  of software they recommend.  They can steer you in the right direction when they know your industry and the kind of information you process on a day to day basis.

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