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When you finally have the software package that you like, now it is time to operate it.  Perhaps more important than selecting the software is in choosing who operates it. Truly, even if you have a great software package, if you don't have someone operating the software with the skills required for it,  you won't have much luck with creating accurate financial information.

All accounting software has three basic options for producing financial statements:

1. Preparing your financial statements in house. This option requires good accounting and computer skills.

2. Entering the data in-house but having an accountant available to "clean up" statements by doing monthly journal entries.

3. Providing organized information according to the accountant's needs for a professional preparation of the financial statements.

There is no right or wrong option here. It is all dependent upon who you have available to do the work accurately and efficiently.  Also, remember, even with the appropriate accounting skills, it takes some time to become familiar with new software.  Installing it is the easy part.  The real work begins once the transactions start to get entered into the accounting software system.

That being said, take the time to know your product, learn it well, and you will be off to a good start.

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