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Now that you have determined your criteria, looking at software accounting packages by type will give you a much better picture of what might work for your company.  Below are some of the most recommended accounting software packages listed from basic to more complex:
DacEasy, Inc.
Intuit Inc. (recommended):
Peachtree Software, Inc.: 1(877) 481-0341.  Peachtree is a little more complicated that QuickBooks but comparable with reporting type needs.
Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains): A more technologically saavy program using microsoft technologies.  Great for manufacturing and distribution type companies.
MAS 90/200: (recommended):  This program is a solution for accountants who know the accounting cycle well.  Posting to accounts is final, with no ability to redo once the post process has completed.  A great solution for a manufacturing company.
MAS 90//200 (recommended) See above
This list is for informational purposes only. As an accountant in the field, my recommendations are due to experience in a particular product only.
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