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Once you have your business plan, determined your market, and begun your business, you are ready to bring in money for the business you openned.  There are many challenges to bringing in the sales. However, if you find your target market and do the right research, you will be on the road to success.  Some ways to promote your business are as follows:

1. Advertising: Advertising is the main way to get your product or services noticed, although it should not be the only means in which you promote your product/service.

2. Attend a trade show or expo: Trade shows are excellent places to network and collect business cards on prospective customers.

3. Talk to your competition: Are others in your area providing services similar to yours? Look at what they offer.  Are they successful?  Maybe you can offer something more valuable than them. What types of marketing strategies are they using?

4.  Talk to your prospective customers: Once you know what your competition is, and know what you can offer that your competition cannot, go to different businesses and individuals to find out if they would like to use your product or services.  Find out whether there is anything else you could offer that might make them more willing to buy.  This is quite effective, and much easier and more personal than direct mail.


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