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Are you disappointed in your business website? Does it seem too out of date or not do what you would like it to do?  A great way to update you website is to choose an open source content management system type of website.  You can design them on your own, and they can be updated whenever you need to by you! A couple of good open source CMS choices are drupal and  joomla  I will be talking about the latter, or joomla.

In order to change your website to an open source type, you will first need to find a server to host it that does work with Joomla.  An excellent one is Siteground found here They work specifically with Joomla websites and offer superior features and excellent SSL security, as well as ecommerce  shopping carts and membership logins.

You will want to download a copy of the most recent Joomla zip file first found here: This version gives you categories to organize your topics into, which makes things easier to find when you need to.  Once you have your download, you can transfer it onto your Siteground hosting site.

When you need to change or update your website, you will just go to your secure Joomla admin panel, and update in there. It is that easy.  You can also update your files through a free file transfer service called Filezilla found here:

There are so many choices you have when you use an open source content management system like joomla. You can add hundreds of plug-ins, select from thousands of templates, select your own extenstions of shopping  carts that work for you among many other features. 

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