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As a business owner in today's market, using the technology is a must to keep your business afloat and contributes to more efficiently run operations.  Thing to look at  in which you can keep your business operating in a more efficient environment are accounting software, calendar systems, time tracking software, mobile internet access and an email management software.

Accounting software: This is especially important since it keeps all of your finances organized, reports are simple to run, and you can project a budget with numbers from your financial statements. A great easy to use software I would recommend is QuickBooks Pro or QuickBooks Online.

Calendar system: With a calendar system, you can keep up to date on all of the daily deadlines your business may have, including paying taxes on time, and shipments or deliveries that you should be getting/receiving.  This just makes your life as a business owner so much easier.

Time tracking software: With all the employees working at different hours, and/or you providing services to clients, time tracking software is the way to go. You can easily record your employees hours, and have a record to look back at when you need to. I like BillQuick. This software integrates with many accounting software packages, including QuickBooks, and is simple to use.

Email management: As a business owner, you may have many different email accounts to manage. Integrating them into your Outlook to read there makes it much less time consuming than going into all your different accounts. Additionally, if you are trying to send out mass mail to your customers or clients, ACY mailing works well with some websites.

Mobile internet access: Accessing your mobile device on the internet makes it much easier to handle the daily client/customer interractions.  When you can check your mail on the internet and send out a response quickly, it makes your business look like you are on top of things.



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