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As credit cards have become the most common type of customer payment, you as a business owner must decide if you are willing to accept  them and/or how many different types of credit cards you will accept or if you prefer to only accept cash or check. With credit cards comes more time and resources to manage them. You must have a machine to swipe the card. You will get these from your bank. The machines cost to rent or purchase them. In addition, your bank will charge a fee for all credit card transactions. Also, depending upon the credit card (visa, american express, etc) there could be additional fees due to the institution managing the card. The benefits to having customers pay by credit card are that you receive the money immediately, and you will have customers buying something they may not have purchased if they only had cash. People also like multiple ways of purchasing. This gives them the flexibility to buy something more easily. However, with credit cards comes more time and recordkeeping for your accounting department. Receiving only cash or checks can be a simpler way to handle your books. In addition, if you have a way for customers to pay via paypal on your business website, you can offer your customers to pay through their accounts in this way, as well. Many methods, just a matter of choice to you.

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