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In my new book, Accounting is Not a Foreign Language, I stress the fact that many people view accounting as a foreign language, but it really can be simple if you understand some important things. I explain the basic debit and credit and why a debit and credit balance for specific accounts is so necessary to understand accounting. I will walk you through the whole transaction process, highlighting specific tools and tricks that you need to know to navigate through your accounting and to start to make sense of where the data goes. Some helpful hints include defining the chart of accounts being the foundation which support the rest of your accounting records. Knowing what your accounts are defined as helps you determine where a transaction goes. The book leads you into the most ocurring journal entries that happen most often in the real world as well as special situations unique to every business. Once you read this book, you will have a new understanding of basic accounting, leading you to making better business decisions. Besides, if you understand what is happening in the data being entered, don't you agree that you will absolutely manage your business better?

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