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 Right now you should be thinking of tax season approaching and filing your taxes. Some helpful hints in receiving or preparing your paperwork needed to file these taxes, you should know that for all your employees or independent contractors, as well as for yourself, some forms that you file or are sent to you have due dates to the recipients who should be receiving these forms as well as to the IRS who requires them to be sent to them.  All types of 1099 forms (with the exception of 1099-C) and 1098s are due to the recipients by January 31st. 1099-C is due to the recipient on February 15th.  In addition, W-2s are also due to the recipients on January 31s.  The IRS requires all of these forms to be sent to them by February 28th.  They need all W-2s sent to the Social Security Administration by the last day of February.  However, if you are e-filing these forms, the due date to the IRS is extended to March 31st.  So, it should be time to start thinking about those taxes, and being aware of what dates some of your required forms are due should get you off to a good start.

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