As the new year has begun, thinking of goals and strategies to help your business grow is a great way to open up short or long-range opportunities for your business. Some ways to reach that goal can be simple such as creating a business website. Having a web presence is a great way to reach customers, as many times customers discover businesses in this way. Another way is to diversify.  Diversifying gives you multiple streams of icome.  Forming an alliance with a similar type of business can also help you expand.  Additionally, licensing your product,  a fourth way to grow your business, can be a low cost method, especially if you have a servcie product. If you decide to target other markets, you may find that your product can service other markets you were unaware of. You could also consider franchising or offering a business opportunity. This allows your business to grow but you do not need to manage the business. If you win a government contract, you can have the Small Business Administration fund it.  Some other ways to grow your business are a little more complicated but help considerably with growth in the long run.  Such things as opening another location, merging or aquiring another business, or expand globally can lead to large streams of income, but can take time. More information on this article can be found here: