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Are you struggling with your accounting? Do you have absolutely no clue what your bottom line is? Are your records computerized?  If you have answered no to all of these questions, you could make a change to something much easier.  Sometimes change is not easy, but in this case when your business finances are an important aspect of your business survival, as it is, change is almost mandatory. A great way to start is to try QuickBooks.  This is an easy to use software that can be installed on your office or home computer or  you can use the online version QuickBooks Online, which you can access anywhere at any time.  This program is so easy to understand and it has special features such as integration with your checking or savings account, your visa, and payroll.  Also, if you have different business locations and you want to keep track of them all in one software program, you can use the 'class tracking' feature of QuickBooks and it will separate all your businesses and the income statements/balance sheets.  Take a look at them here at their website, You may rethink how you are doing your business accounting after trying QuickBooks.

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